Sustainable campsite

The Sustainable Camping Co offers the very best in eco camping at Glastonbury 2020

Sustainable Camping at Glastonbury 2020

Join us for a fantastic eco camping experience for Glastonbury

Looking for environmentally friendly camping at Glastonbury 2020? A short walk from Bronze Gate come and join us and make your festival one to remember!

Our green passion

With a passion for sustainability and the environment we build our campsites from the ground up considering every element of our accommodation and the impact it creates. We want to give great locations, locally produced food, easy recycling, plant based toiletries and washing up facilities and naturally harnessed energy. Comfortable, convenient and thought through that is what you will find with all our chill out spaces. Guilt free camping, we all want the creature comforts, the hassle free camping that Glamping offers with out the mass waste. Whether you choose our fully recyclable cardboard tents or our low carbon footprint bell tents you know you are joining us in making the event a sustainable experience. We build them, you decorate them, and after you wind your weary self home, we pack them down, recycle them and give the land back to the cows. or in our case Bernard the bull.

Environmentally friendly tents

The amazing cardboard tent supplied and produced by KarTent, known for being the top of the range and fully recycleable. They block the sunlight, stay fresh, and do not get in a flap in windy conditions, all in all you will have a great nights sleep. If it is a bell tent you prefer then we have the perfect option for you! Our bell tents have a very low carbon footprint and unlike many others, we do not import them half way round the world from the far east. We buy our from a Bradford based company who have been making canvas tents for 70 years. They are reusable and are of the finest quality. We offer as an empty bell tent or fully kitted bell tent for the perfect Glamping experience.


The Sustainable Camping Co – Who we are

Our lineage is producing luxury event accommodation, through the 7 years we have seen the Glamping industry grow, structures getting bigger and facilities getting more and more luxurious. The sad truth is temporary sites offering Luxury camping accommodation run with extremely high waste.

We felt a sense of responsibility to try and balance out what we produce in the luxury market and see how much can be replicated in a sustainable and balanced way. We are all essentially looking for safe, comfy clean camping facilities, by thinking outside the norm and being creative and imaginative we think it is possible.

We will still offer stunning canvas structures like Bell tents, safari suits but also want to offer cost effective tents for like minded campers who want intelligent and creative options to the growing consumer issues of nylon throw away tents.

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A short walk to Bronze Gate you will find the first eco campsite dedicated to blending sustainable camping and Glamping together.

Explore the small changes that we can all make, with out sacrificing our comfort but making big differences to our environment.

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On checkin we will supply you with your essential eco bag of goodies, the water thermos bottle to help you fight against plastic, your enamel mug for battling paper cups and your very own power bank, power up for from our solar panels situated across the campsite.
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Booking couldn’t be easier, just click on book now, and follow the link to your choice. Remember to select your extras so they are waiting for you on your arrival.

If you are a group and all want to be allocated to gather then you need to book identical packages.

Come and join us!