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Five Sustainable Camping Essentials for Glastonbury 2020

Five Sustainable Camping Essentials for Glastonbury 2020

Next year is set to be a landmark year for the Glastonbury Festival, as it marks fifty years since Michael Eavis first staged what was then dubbed the ‘Pilton Festival’ at Worthy Farm in Somerset.

The name might not have stuck, but this iconic event would eventually go on to become the musical cornerstone of the British summertime, now attracting over 200,000 revelers.

Competition for tickets can be fierce, so if you’re lucky enough to be attending Glastonbury 2020, make the most of it by packing these five sustainable camping essentials.

Biodegradable Wet Wipes

Speaking of showers, those queues which seem to snake around half the festival site are a nightmare if your all-time favourite band is due on at the Pyramid Stage in precisely seventeen minutes. Save yourself the hassle and just do what everyone else does; give yourself a quick rubdown with a wad of biodegradable wet wipes.

Natural Rubber Wellies

Summer wouldn’t be summer without a borderline torrential downpour here and there. So next time you’re in the DJ tent galumphing along to Tubthumping by Chumbawamba or some other 1990’s nostalgia-fest, make sure that your wellies are of the natural rubber variety. Not only will they biodegrade infinitely more efficiently than cheaper synthetic alternatives, they’re also a hell of a lot comfier to boot.

Reusable Water Bottle

Regardless of how spectacular the line-up is at Glastonbury 2020, you won’t be having any fun whatsoever unless you keep yourself properly hydrated. However, bottled water is pricey, and the swirling mass of sea-borne waste it produces speaks for itself.

Instead, bring along a sturdy reusable water bottle. Any will do, but those nifty aluminium ones which have been doing the rounds of late also make pretty impressive cocktail shakers for when you’re showing off at the stone circle in the wee small hours.

Recycled Backpack

Finally, once you’ve got your festival shopping list sorted, how about getting hold of an environmentally responsible recycled backpack to put it all in? If nothing else they make good use of all those discarded water bottles, and since a backpack is useful throughout the year it will remind you of sunnier times at Glastonbury 2020 once the soggy autumn weather sets in.

Eco-Friendly Tent

If you’re a first-time camper, or your trusty two-man igloo is getting so leaky that your fellow campers are starting to eye it up as a potential makeshift shower, make sure the tent you buy has been produced with a view to protecting the planet. That means man made synthetic fibers are out, and natural cotton canvas and fabrics made from recycled plastics are in.

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