Our fantastic facilities

The Sustainable Camping Co provide all the campsite facilities you need to make your festival a comfortable and enjoyable one!

best campsite facilities glastonbury

Fantastic vegetarian food and great drinks

So much waste from campsites is food, we will be supplying gorgeous breakfast and snack bar food that can be added to your self pitch, kartent or empty bell tent booking (all kitted bell tents have breakfast within the booking), all left overs will be donated to our local pig farm, Boris and Donald are not fussy but would prefer meat free snacks. Onsite we have the General Store offering essentials for camping such as gas, bread, dried instant produce fruit we can also supply chilled carry out local beers and wines.  



Toilets and Showers

Our Toilets will be a mixture of luxury flushing units in the main area, porta loos built within our vintage horse box trailers and eco composting toilets. Our aim is that the mobile units will be positioned on row ends so you never have too far to stumble. We have given our facilities a great deal of thought from eco friendly soaps and shampoos to sustainable toilet paper. 

The campsite so toilets and showers will be available 24 hours a day and cleaned on rota by campsite wardens.


glastonbury facilities toilets and showers
glastonbury shower and showers facilities

Bucket Hot Showers

“saving the world one bucket at a time”


There’s nothing like a hot, relaxing shower. An average 7-8 minutes per shower, is an awful lot of wasted water – over a hundred litres (25 gallons).

We have found that just 10 litres of pipping hot water in our bucket showers gives a perfectly good shower

We hope that every one embraces the experience, how ever if bucket showers and compost toilets are a deal breaker we have traditional trailer showers and toilets on the site.


  Sustain, recycle, repeat


The lowest-impact product is often the one that already exists. Our British made bell tents are looked after and there for last us many many seasons, the cardboard tents are recycled through a local company to us in Glastonbury so low footprint for the next stage of their lives.

Sustainable energy

 The site is aiming to run as sustainably as possible, the bucket hot showers, compost toilets eco washing up points and solar panels to help you charge your phones. Zero plastic bottles, cutlery and glasses. 

camspsite recycling environmentally friendly
sustainable eco camping facilities

Those little extras

Some Soaps and toothpastes can have a negative impact on the environment and can take a long time to degrade out in the wilderness. We supply the site with biodegradable products or of course you can bring your own.

The general store will be on hand to serve your camping needs from gas, bread, beans, alcohol, cigarettes, vaping and all manner of old school sweets. So break out the paper bags and fill up. 

Come and join us!