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Glastonbury Festival

Glastonbury Festival celebrating 50 years

In the summer of 2020, the Glastonbury Festival is going to celebrate 50 years of being the United Kingdom’s most famous music and performing arts festival. So, at the event of the festival being half a century old, the already grand festivities are ready to increase their grandeur by a thousand notches. But at the same time, this festival is also playing its role in making this world a better place by several worthy causes, which are sure to make a difference.

  • Oxfam:

Since 1993, Oxfam and Glastonbury have been proud partners, with a shared objective of eradicating poverty by whatever means possible. This year, the renowned artist Anthony Burrill is joining hands with Oxfam to exhibit his exquisite designs on screen-printed second-hand T-shirts. Additionally, there will be another collection of preloved fashion finds around the world, exclusively present at Oxfam Festival Shops. Ask any Oxfam steward for directions, and come right towards us for some serious fashion inspiration! Read more about this partnership by clicking here

  • Greenpeace:

Like every preceding year, Greenpeace will be making a statement by the truly remarkable and inspiring space full of bespoke installations and special effects, intending to celebrate nature and forests through color, sound, materials, and information, demonstrating the broad spectrum of perks provided by nature. This year Greenpeace is coming up with a new concept called BEAM, a once in a lifetime experience created in a joint effort with Nottingham artist Wolfgang Buttress. Also, the giant Rave Tree will be present in all its glory, being the host of the guest DJs.

  • WaterAid

Following the objective of making Earth cleaner, there is a ban on single-use water bottles, because of which WaterAid has set up 37 kiosks and self-serve refill stations all over the festival area. WaterAid has also introduced new concepts from time to time, including their toilet cleaning crew called Loo Crew, the revolutionary female urinals called ShePees, and a new campaign aiming at proper hygiene during periods called Fempowered. In addition to all these necessary arrangements, they also have limited-edition celebrity designed pin badges.

  • Meeting Place:

Oxfam, Greenpeace, and WaterAid have collectively contributed this year to come up with a Mini Pyramid Stage at the Meeting Place to come and exhibit whatever talent they own. This opportunity is for everyone, whether you are a singer, songwriter, rapper, poet, or comedy actor. And if you really want to get in the mood, a box of clothes is also present to make sure that you dress up and make the best out of your time.

In addition to all efforts made by the three charities, the people coming for the Glastonbury Festival can chip in their part by making sure of eco-friendly camping and glamping in and around the festival area. This can be done by using environment-friendly cardboard tents, which have a shallow carbon footprint, locally produced food, easy recycling, plant-based toiletries, and washing up facilities, and naturally harnessed energy. By ensuring all this, you make sure that your visit to the festival is guilt-free and comfortable for everyone.

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