Our sustainable campsite mission

The Sustainable Camping Co are committed to providing you the most sustainable and eco-friendly camping experience possible!

Beautiful ECO camping spaces

We are Pop up campsites and operate in Sussex, we’ve been creating beautiful camping spaces for the the past 6 years giving people the chance to enjoy the great outdoors. Our model is to camp in comfort and convenience without the mass ecological consumption and waste of energy, water, food and materials. Our solar panels will provide 50% of the energy, required we will not run unnecessary lighting for the walk ways, showers and toilets, power banks will charge through the day from solar and be available  in the bar and chill out spaces for device charging.

Faith in nature will be helping us supply all shampoos, conditioners and washing up liquid that will be provided in all the washing areas free of charge.  

environmentally friendly camping glastonbury 2020
sustainable eco cardboard recycling tents glastonbury 2020

Environmentally friendly tents

We are doing our bit to combat the massive amount of tents that get left at Glastonbury and indeed many campsites across the country.

This year we have introduce KarTent, made from cardboard they are designed and built to with stand wind, rain, heat and light so your early morning hang overs start later so you sleep longer.

If you don’t fancy  Cardboard then try our British made Bell tents, available in a variety  of flavours, empty or fully kitted out with everything you need!

Amazing vegetarian food

The campsite will be Vegetarian,  it is better for the planet, animal welfare and the small amount of food waste is off to the pigs in a neighbouring farm. We will concentrate on creating sustainable breakfasts and snacks that are hearty and wholesome, fuel to keep you going all the way through the Festival! Remember all the left overs go to the pigs.


glastonbury 2020 vegatarian food
glastonbury IPA ales drinks bar

 The Potting Shed BAr & General store

The Bar will be serving chilled local beverages on the tap or carry out cans. We have sourced the only compostable crisp packets well done 2 farmers, the General store will be serving nuts, seeds, chocolate, patisserie, Dorset tea and coffee and Vegan rolling tobacco. Kick back and enjoy the vibe in the bar tent, we will be offering “Stick it on” for those of you who want a chance to spin your own tracks for 10 min of DJ fame. To minimise waste we have refundable recycled plastic 1/2 and 1 pint cups free exchange enamel mugs in your welcome pack. The general store will also be operating through out the festival, and be supplying staple greats, bread, milk, beans, sweets, beer, dried goods we will be posting updates on our instagram account. 

Drink, refill repeat 


Come and join us!