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What is Glamping?

Glamping is camping with style and the perfect combination of hotel comfort with outdoor living.

This luxurious camping experience is ideal for those who love the magic of sleeping under the stars, cosying up to nature and listening to the pitter-patter of raindrops on canvas with a dash of creature comfort, a smattering of camping mixed with the great outdoors. Glamping breaks offer an alternative to traditional camping accommodation for those who don’t fancy packing lots of camping gear, popping up your own tent, wrestling with tent poles, sleeping on uneven ground and traipsing through the rain to collect water.

UK Festival season

In preparation for next year’s UK Festival season Glastonbury Glamping just gets bigger. As part of the 50th Anniversary of the festival and to make life more glamours, we have invested in a luxurious campsite dedicated to being sustainable whilst offering excellent camping facilities for glampers including space for campervans and parking. This eco-friendly boutique glamping retreat is like all of our Pop Up campsites with a focus on convenience and comfort but with a festival twist.

Luxury glamping

We are experienced luxury glamping tent suppliers having spent nearly ten years supplying one of the leading Glastonbury campsites sites with deluxe Bell tents, Safari suites and top of the range four bedroom tent house suites. These structures hold the key for non-campers to experience the festival as a native while coming back to “home” comforts with en suite showers and private toilets.

Conscious thought over resources and waste management has thankfully grown over recent years thanks to Glastonbury organisers and guest speakers such as David Attenborough who have highlighted the impact of festival goers leaving their tents and other belongings on the land when leaving festivals. The message to respect the land and leave it as you found it has definitely been heard and acted upon as the number of tents left in 2019 was a rapid decrease to previous years and single use plastic on the increase.

Shangri La is a very popular area of Glastonbury and in 2017 helped to spread the message of reducing our carbon footprint by building structures formed from waste left behind such as giant towers of trash and textiles, pillars of plastic, towers of textiles and drumming home the slogan re-cycle, re-use res-sist.

On our sustainable campsite we have fire pits available which will hopefully discourage the use of disposable barbecues. As the festival camping market continues to stride for the opulence of bigger and better structures we need more conscious thought over resources and positive solutions for waste and welcome any suggestions from campers and glampers.

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If you book with Sustainable camping for Glastonbury we will give you a bag of essential eco bag on goodies on arrival.

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